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Get Guitar Chords For Any Song

Finding guitar chord tabs for your favourite songs can be a real pain. We wanted to make it as simple as choosing a song from your own music collection. Load any mp3 and Riffstation figures out the chords for you!

Chord Diagrams Synced With Your Music

Riffstation even shows you how and when to play each guitar chord synced with the original music. It's guitar hero for real guitar players! Our chord recognition technology will automatically calculate the chord accompaniment for any song in your music collection. It can detect Major, Minor and 7th chords with a high degree of accuracy. The accuracy is approximately 85% for basic rock and pop.

Change Key and Practice at Your Own Speed

Have you ever tried to learn or practice a song only to find it's in a key you don't know? Perhaps you like to sing too and you'd prefer to learn the song in a different key than the original recording. Wouldn't it be great to listen and learn a song from your music collection in a key that suits you? You can! With the pitch tool you can transpose by up to 12 semi-tones up or down in semi-tone increments. Perhaps you're a beginner and still strunggling to keep up with your favourite song? Our slow down tool works with the chord viewer tool so you can hear the music at a slower speed and the chords remain in sync!

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