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Slow Down Guitar Riffs or Solos

Have you ever tried to learn a guitar solo or a riff that was just too fast to hear? Or maybe you want to build your speed or improve your technique and you'd like to practice scales and exercises at different speeds? Perhaps you're a beginner and still struggling to keep up with your favourite song? Wouldn't it be great to have an app that lets you slow down your MP3s? Riffstation is the solution. Our amazing slow down tool lets you slow down or speed up any song in your music collection without affecting the pitch. You can slow down as much as half speed, or speed up to double speed and everywhere in between. Our high quality time stretching algorithm ensures that the pitch and quality of the sound remain unaffected. Now you can learn and practice at your own speed.

Isolate the Guitar and Learn From the Masters

Have you ever listened to a cool riff or solo and thought, I wish I could hear the guitar on it's own? With the Isolate tool in Riffstation, now you can! This awesome tool lets you find the guitar in the mix, and extract it right out so you can hear it in isolation.

Mute the Guitar and Play With Your Favorite Bands

If you want to be the guitar hero, you can mute the guitar in the mix and take the spotlight! You're probably thinking - is this even possible? Our patented guitar isolation technology makes it possible. It doesn't work on every song but when it does it's awesome.

Practice Songs in Any Key

Have you ever sat down to learn or practice a song only to find it's tuned a half step down? Perhaps you like to sing too and you'd prefer to learn the song in a different key than the original recording. Guess what? We've got a tool for that too. With the pitch tool you can transpose by up to 12 semi-tones up or down in semi-tone increments without affecting tempo

Retune the Song - Not Your Guitar

For the out of tune recordings, you can fine tune in cents! Now you can retune the song instead of the guitar. As usual, you can use or pitch tool with all the other Riffstation tools too. The pitch tool even syncs with the chord display!

Loop Riffs With Perfect Timing

The tools above are all really useful for any guitar player and you'll probably use them regularly but one of the most useful tools in Riffstation is the loop tool. Almost all audio software has a loop tool but not like this. We use automatic beat tracking to ensure that you can select any number of beats and the loop will lock perfectly and seamlessly to these beats. There's also a metronome tool which is especially useful if you are slowing down music but it doesn't end here. Wait until you see the chord viewer tool!

Transcribe Guitar Parts Easily

It’s pretty easy to see how useful it can be to isolate and slow down guitar solos for learning and practice but it’s also very useful software for transcribing guitar parts and other instruments too. Maybe you need to transcribe a guitar part for your own band? Perhaps you’re a guitar teacher preparing transcriptions for lessons? Riffstation speeds up the transcription process... by slowing it down.

Teach like never before

Whether you’re dealing with beginners, advanced students, speed training or just basic chords, Riffstation is the ultimate teaching aid! At your disposal, you have the ability to display chord diagrams in sync with the music, change keys on the fly, instantly create seamless loops, mix in a metronome that automatically syncs with the beat, create backing tracks that your students can take home, isolate guitar parts and slow them down. Click here for more information

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