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isolate the guitar or isolate instrument or pick out instrument from a song, slow down the tempo, loop or sample the music View the chords in realtime and learn how to play guitar or guitar solos, guitar karaoke, view the chords bar by bar, see the chords being played in realtime, no need for tablature or tabs build custom jam tracks with real music from your music collection, auto beat detection and automatic looping

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How to Uninstall Riffstation

To uninstall Riffstation on PC:
- Open the Windows Control Panel
- Select 'Uninstall a Program'
- Find Riffstation in the list of programs, then double click on it
- Click the 'Uninstall' button in the Riffstation Uninstall window

To uninstall Riffstation on Mac:
- Drag the Riffstation app from your Applications folder to the Trash icon

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Frequently Asked Questions Before Purchase
1. What is Riffstation?

Riffstation is the ultimate guitar software application for players of all abilities. It consists of 3 modules; Jam Master, Riff Builder and Chord Viewer. Load any music file from your iTunes (or any) music library and Riffstation will unleash all of the untapped resources contained in the music collection you already own! Isolate the guitar, slow it down, loop the riff, see the chords and build custom jam tracks using the music you love. Check out the Feature List for more information

2. Do I plug my guitar into Riffstation?

You don't plug your guitar into Riffstation. It is not a guitar interface or digital amp modelling application. However, you can use software based amp modelers (Line 6 Amp Farm, Amplitube, NI Guitar Rig) in conjunction with Riffstation.

3. What platforms and devices is Riffstation available on?

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Mac OSX 64 Bit 10.7 and higher

4. Do I need any special hardware or devices?

You will not need any special hardware. Riffstation uses your computers existing on board sound hardware to playback music.

5. Who should get Riffstation?

If you've got a guitar, you have got to get Riffstation. From beginner to pro, Riffstation will become an indispensable tool for any guitar player to learn and practice basic chord progressions as well as complex guitar solos.

6. Why does Riffstation cost so little?

We thought long and hard about this. Software of this nature usually costs in the hundreds but we want Riffstation to be accessible to all guitar players for less than the cost of a magazine subscription, or a new effects pedal. We've tried to make it as affordable as is possible for us to support. We hope you agree it's worth it!

7. What audio file formats can I use?

We try and support all the major audio file formats including wav, mp3, wma, flac, ogg, aac and many more

8. How accurate is the Chord Viewer tool in Riffstation?

The fully automated mode is the default mode which calculates the chords of a song automatically when you load it. This method will return Major, Minor and 7th chords with an accuracy of 85% for basic rock and pop songs. However, you can edit any chord by right clicking on the chord in the orange chord strip. This allows you to edit the chord type and its length. You can manually add Sus 2/4 and Maj/Min 7 chords using this tool.

9. Will the Isolate tool allow me to isolate any guitar part or solo?

The isolate tool is a state of the art audio processing technology which will allow full isolation in many cases. However, there will be instances where only partial isolation is possible and some remnants of other instruments are still audible.

10. Will the slow down tool affect the pitch?

The slow down tool will retain the audio quality and will not affect the pitch or key of the audio. Subsequently, the pitch tool will not affect the tempo. And, both tools can be used simultaneously in real-time. Our time and pitch algorithm is fully real-time and of a high quality with no perceptible latency

11. What would I use Riffbuilder for?

Riff Builder might be the craziest thing we've ever thought of but we love it and hope you do too. How would you like AC/DC or perhaps Metallica to be your new backing band, but playing the riffs you tell them to play? You can use Riff Builder to create your own custom jam tracks by using your favourite bands and songs as building blocks. It's quick and easy. Load any song in, then drag the beats on screen to rearrange the song into a brand new riff!! Now you have your favourite band with their awesome sound and production, playing a totally different riff, a riff which you've built! You can build multiple riffs and then sequence them using the Song Builder tool. You can even change the pitch of each beat to create totally unique jam tracks. Then save the session and share it with your friends online, or save the audio and post yourself jamming on youtube. You dont have to settle for dull generic jam tracks anymore.

12. Can I offer Riffstation as a gift?

Yes you can! Just send us an email and we will organise it with you.

13. Can I activate Riffstation on more than 1 computer?

You get 3 activations with each purchase of Riffstation which means you can run it on up to 3 of your computers. You must be connected to the internet to activate Riffstation for the first time. Note - that you will have to reactivate Riffstation if you make any significant hardware changes to your computer. Upgrades will be free for minor release revisions but new tools may attract an upgrade cost.

iTunes Compatibility & CD Imports

Riffstation supports most iTunes music formats but you may find instances where your music is in an unsupported format. If you encounter this problem, you can use iTunes to convert any of your files to mp3 which can be used with Riffstation. The process convert a song to a different format using iTunes is described here.
Riffstation cannot import songs from a CD directly but you can use iTunes or similar music software to convert your CDs to MP3. In iTunes for example: insert the CD. A dialog will appear asking if you would like to import the CD. Simply, click yes and then the MP3 created can be loaded into Riffstation.

Riffstation cannot play protected iTunes files. However, there is a new standard for iTunes downloads called iTunes Plus, which has better quality, no DRM and can be loaded into Riffstation. If you own protected iTunes files, you can upgrade them to iTunes Plus using the process described in here.

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